Q: What is FilmTrap about?

A: FilmTrap is website run by Justin Decloux, a writer/director/rabid film fanatic.

Film Trap
Justin on stage after a movie monster attack.

Film Trap will amaze your eyes and ears, and tickle your brain with the kind of film knowledge you never thought you’d find. In short, this is where you will discover old movies like new, and new movies like old! Daily reviews will feature at least one film you’ve probably never heard of, but should really know about. Not only that but you’ll get to learn about the weird things Justin knows about the filmmakers, all the behind-the-scenes goodness your heart so desires. So click on, friends! Click on!

Justin has written for TwitchFilm.com, he was the promo produce for The Bloor before it became Hot Docs, and he is one of the co-hosts for the monthly VHS screenings at The Royal Cinema called LASERBLAST Film Society. Not only that but he hosts TWO podcasts, totally dedicated to film. Justin is the writer/director for films Teddy Bomb (2014) and Impossible Horror (2016).

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keenan marr tamblynKeenan Marr Tamblyn

Keenan Tamblyn is a writer from Toronto, ON trapped in the all consuming void that is movie watching, there is no saving him. Follow Keenan on Letterboxd!


chloe brettChloë Brett

Chloë Brett is a Toronto based film writer, special effects makeup artist, sometimes video store clerk, and also has a regular job! Always happy to talk about any kind of film, as long as you jog her memory, because she’s probably forgotten more movies then most people have seen. Follow Chloe on Letterboxd or Facebook!


april etmanskiApril Etmanski

April is a video editor and colourist living and working in Toronto, Canada. She loves media analysis, funny-bad movies and ice cubes. Follow April on Twitter!


emily millingEmily Milling

Emily is a Toronto based film and audio producer. She watches a lot of movies, it’s a byproduct of living with Justin Decloux, but she loves it. Emily tries to look at films through a feminist lens, and loves a good splatter comedy. Follow Emily on Twitter!


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