Jerry Lewis

Is Jerry Lewis a Genius?

In the first episode of the IMPORTANT CINEMA CLUB (A.K.A CLUB DU CINEMA IMPORTANT) hosts Justin Decloux (Laser Blast Film Society) and Will Sloan (Jerry Lewis Expert) dive into the work of an American legend through the prism of two of his masterworks – Martin Scorsese’s KING OF COMEDY and Mr. Lewis’ final directorial effort CRACKING UP.

It’s a fiery discussion about the nature of comedy, total cinema and the man – the – the myth – the legend – and his impact on the entire entertainment world.

Questions under discussion include:

  • Is Jerry Lewis funny?
  • Are Jerry Lewis films still relevant?
  • Would Will Sloan kill for Jerry Lewis?
  • What’s the deal with THE DAY THE CLOWN CRIED anyway?

For the answer to these, and many other important questions, you must listen to the episode before it’s too late.

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